Published on December 9th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Souped Up Survival Puzzler Super Gridland Arrives On Android

After wowing players with its engrossing match-3 based survival gameplay the hit browser based puzzler Gridland has made its way onto Android in an official capacity via an enhanced port dubbed Super Gridland. This unique puzzler from A Dark Room developer Doublespeak Games melds together elements of survival, crafting, and fighting within a match-3 framework to create a clever twist on retro strategy RPGs. It’s up to players to cultivate their own humble village in monster infested territory by laboring during the day and defending at night as they indirectly command their onscreen character by lining up tiles.


Players are able to have their onscreen personas perform different actions by matching together 3 or more of a particular tile type. During the daytime cycles this means building or gathering supplies but at night time the icons transform into fighting mode as players fend off attacks from murderous monstrosities by lining together swords and shields as opposed to logs and wheat. The longer players are able to survive, the crazier the onscreen action gets which can be quite addicting once reaching the later levels. This new ‘Super’ edition of Gridland sports much nicer visuals than its browser based counterpart while still retaining its intricate gameplay. Strategy and puzzler fans won’t want to miss this epic match-3 puzzle adventure.

Super Gridland is available for $1.49 on Google Play.


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