Published on December 19th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Runner Sequel Hellrider 2 Roars Onto Android

Following its initial launch at the tail end of October on iOS the zany arcade runner sequel Hellrider 2 has motored its way onto Android. Created by indie developer Anji Games, Hellrider 2 ups the ante from its predecessor with a greatly expanded array of gameplay scenarios that will challenge players across land, sea, and air. In this one-tap isometric adventure it’s up to players to help the protagonist from the first game get his revenge on a group of dastardly skeletons and their king after being locked up in an unearthly prison tower.


Fortunately for players no amount of skeletons can keep a good hellrider down but that doesn’t mean they won’t try as in addition to concentrating on not colliding with anything players will also have to contend with crazy bosses like kaiju sized skeleton kings and demonic bomb tossing skeleton bikers. As their biker moves about the screen at an angle players must continually tap to course correct him out of harm’s way and into any useful pickups that happen to appear. This souped up sequel adds in a bunch of new game mechanics to help iterate on what was already a good formula in a significant way. Fans of runners and arcade games will definitely want to check out Hellrider 2.

Hellrider 2 is free to download on Android and iOS.


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