Published on December 19th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Free Physics Platformer The Core Rolls Onto Android

A completely free physics fueled platformer that feels like a cross between Super Meat Boy and Angry Birds dubbed The Core has arrived on Android. This retro themed momentum sidescroller from indie developer Curiosity Games features challenging platforming mechanics designed with genre veterans in mind. As a plucky power core making its way through an intimidating industrialized gauntlet players must reach the level exit without making contact with anything that could make the core explode in the process.


Rather than attempt any kind of cumbersome virtual button controls The Core instead utilizes a more elegant pull-and-release system that launches the player’s core flying into the air towards another surface. While some surfaces are able to latch onto the core giving players a steady shot other surfaces such as slick ice patches and rows of buzzsaws are decidedly less appealing for transport. As a completely free game with no ads or microtransactions The Core isn’t marred by any free to play shenanigans leaving players to get by on their skill alone. If you’re a fan of platformers be sure to take a look at The Core.

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