Published on December 20th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Isometric Arcade Shooter Westy West Enters Open Beta

The developers behind Retro Runners X2 are back with a new wild west themed voxel shooter called Westy West now in open beta on Google Play. This tongue in cheek arcade survival shooter from indie developer Countryside Games puts players in the boots of a wild west sheriff cleaning up their town after it’s been taken over by a dastardly gang of outlaws. While it’s already shaping up to be a great isometric shooter in its own right Westy West also features several intriguing mechanics such as the ability to kill innocent bystanders which while making the game easier in the heat of a firefight will also invite recompense from the law if players indulge in the practice enough.


Players move their character around Westy West’s grid based environments by swiping to move and holding down to attack. As they move from level to level players will need to eliminate all the gang members on each screen without losing all their hearts in the process whether it be to enemy gunfire or due to other hazards such as a kicking horse or snake lying in wait. There are a bunch of different unlockable characters that come with different stats and even modes of attack as some are melee based rather than ranged like the default character. Although it’s still in beta status Westy West is already shaping up to be a great arcade shooter.

Westy West is free to download on Google Play.

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