Published on December 22nd, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Shoot ‘Em Up Remake Return Of Dr. Destructo Soars Onto Android

A new arcade style shoot ’em up that puts a neat level destroying spin on staples of the genre titled Return Of Dr. Destructo has made its way over to Android after initially launching on PC last year. Developed by Max Savenkov and published by Lextre, Return Of Dr. Destructo is an advanced remake of the 1987 ZX Spectrum budget release Island Of Dr. Destructo that brings the forgotten gem back to life with enhanced graphics, updated gameplay, and a campy retro storyline. In this remastered shoot ’em up it’s up to players to put a stop to a mad scientist’s evil machinations by shooting down all his planes so they come crashing down on his head and destroy his base in the process.


Players fly around each level using a virtual analog pad to steer and holding down to shoot with the ultimate goal being to down enough enemy aircraft so that their debris destroys the main objective of that stage. Several different planes are available with each having their own super weapon to help even the odds and send the mad doctor’s forces to the bottom of the sea. A full campaign complete with story interludes forms the bulk of the experience while an extra marathon mode serves as a more difficult challenge for veteran pilots. Return Of Dr. Destructo is an excellent remake of a classic shooter you’ve likely never heard of.

Return Of Dr. Destructo is free to download on Google Play. It’s also available on PC.


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