Published on December 24th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Clever Retro Platformer Save Baby James Rides Onto Android

A charming new touch screen oriented platformer that evokes the spirit of classic SNES titles called Save Baby James has arrived on Android. Both highly challenging and oozing with personality, this environmental auto-platformer from indie developer Shape Sight And Sound puts players in the care of a runaway baby as it careens through comically dangerous obstacle courses at the zoo. Rather than directly control baby James players must instead tap on objects around the screen to defuse any oncoming traps and make things safe for him which makes sense anyway as a baby would probably not make a very agile platforming mascot.


While there have been runners with this kind of mechanic before Save Baby James is likely the best example yet as its clever level design and high production value elevate the concept into a more full fledged experience. Players must both tap away danger and manipulate the environment in order to get the baby to the level exit with a wide range of differently reacting objects providing unique challenges along the way. In addition to a bunch of unlockable characters players can also acquire new abilities by allocating stars they’ve garnered throughout the game’s stages. If you’re a fan of platformers you’ll have a blast with Save Baby James.

Save Baby James is available in both ad-supported and paid forms with the full version going for a dollar.


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  • Thank you for the great review Craig! It was my goal to make a game that felt like an old school platformer but with modern mobile controls. From your review it sounds like it’s coming across that way :). I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to review Save Bavy James!

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