Published on December 24th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Flashy Arcade Dodge ‘Em Up Neo Duo Slides Onto Android

A novel new arcade dodge ’em up that puts a more strategic spin on Geometry Wars style games called Neo Duo has been released on Android. Created by indie developer Steve Foster, Neo Duo is a flashy anti-shooter where players sequentially control two different cores in tandem while trying to avoid a neverending onslaught of killer psychedelic imagery flying about the screen. It would be tough enough to keep just one of these ships out of harm’s way but forcing players to concentrate on two separate hitboxes at the same time adds a whole new dimension of challenge to the established genre formula.


Players move the two orbs around by tapping to have them slide out of the way of oncoming projectiles without colliding into one another in the process. In order to clear each wave players must collect a preset amount of floating energy which unleashes a devastating plasma blast that annihilates any onscreen enemies and spawns the next wave of sinister shapes to passively combat. When the going gets tough players can sometimes find relief in power ups lying about the map like a shield or freeze bomb but they must also be wary not to pick up any anti power ups as they will enhance the enemy instead. Additional stages and better abilities can be unlocked using the energy acquired throughout successive runs. Geometry Wars fans looking for something different will dig Neo Duo.

Neo Duo is free to download on Google Play.

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