Published on December 24th, 2016 | by Craig Forshey


Stylish Parkour Runner Leap Leap Leap! Dashes Onto Android

A simple but engaging new rooftop runner with a minimalistic flair dubbed Leap Leap Leap! has made its way onto Android. This zen-like parkour platformer from indie developer Avakai Games challenges players with jumping across a shifting city skyline for as long as possible without falling into the smoky abyss below. It’s a straightforward premise executed well as precise timing and genuine skill are needed to navigate Leap Leap Leap!’s perilous platforms.


Players control an auto-running neon character from an overhead vantage point as they tap and hold to jump over the rapidly approaching chasms threatening to swallow them up. Jumping distance can be adjusted by holding down for longer periods which allows for intricate rapid-fire platforming at later levels. As they run along the rooftops players can collect icons that slowly power up a special ability which will cast a safety net for a limited time if things get too dicey. Runner fans looking for an intuitive platformer with plenty of challenge will enjoy Leap Leap Leap!

Leap Leap Leap! is free to download on Android and iOS.


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