Published on January 7th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Gory RPG Tap Em Up Doom Warriors Marches Onto Android

A gruesome new tap ’em up RPG in the grand tradition of Doom RPG aptly titled Doom Warriors has made groundfall on Android devices. This action oriented roguelike from indie developer Running Pillow puts players in the boots of yet another hapless space marine as they explore the innards of a hellish derelict vessel in a last ditch effort save humanity. That’s easier said than done however as an unyielding horde of monstrosities stand in the way with the only option for survival being to blast them into smithereens before they can chomp down on your guts.


Fortunately this being a roguelike and all players can keep on trying death after death thanks to the ability to clone a new body to go on a fresh run through hell with. Players explore each floor of this sci-fi dungeon by clicking about the map to reveal unknown areas and collect vital equipment to aid them in their plight. Whenever any monsters block their path players must rapidly tap on these demonic foes in order to take them out before they chip away too much health to continue. Players can unlock and upgrade a variety of perks and weapons in between runs to help them last longer on their next endeavor. Roguelike fans looking for something a little more action packed will likely have a blast with Doom Warriors.

Doom Warriors is free to download on Google Play.

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