Published on January 8th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Enter The Gungeon Style Clone Soul Knight Appears On Android

One of the ways you know you’ve made it as a developer is when people start considering your work to be so good that they start imitating it. We’ve seen countless Android riffs on classic properties come and go over the years such as with the never-ceasing mimicking of Nintendo properties and even more recently with a Chinese clone of Overwatch for mobile making headlines. Well it seems like it’s Enter The Gungeon’s turn to get the faux-port treatment as a group of developers by the name of ChillyRoom have gone ahead and made a mobile recreation of Dodge Roll’s indie phenom. Meet Soul Knight: Enter The Gungeon’s poser friend that tries to copy everything it does but always manages to screw things up somehow.


While there are some aesthetic differences that ostensibly set Soul Knight apart from Enter The Gungeon one need only take more than a cursory glance at its gameplay, character select screen, and progression mechanics to get the message loud and clear: This is meant to be a generic substitute for ETG on mobile. Collecting guns, visiting shops, and character abilities all work strikingly similar to their official counterparts to the point where the line between homage and plagiarism begins to blur. Regardless, Soul Knight is a pretty well put together roguelike that you’ll probably dig if you’re a fan of games like Enter The Gungeon.

Soul Knight is free to download on Google Play.

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