Published on January 8th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Epic Adventure Platformer Bubbles Floats Onto Android

A great new retro themed platforming adventure game bearing the innocuous moniker of Bubbles has made its way onto Android. Released by indie developer Pixamil, this 8-bit style sidescroller tells the tale of a hapless robot given sentience only to see that intelligence torn in two due to a proxy war of good and evil between its creators. Players assume the role of this ascendant automaton as they attempt to escape the facility that holds them in order to obtain their freedom.


Players move about the screen by way of a virtual d-pad that has been custom-tuned for one button platforming. At first this setup can feel a little strange but as one spends more time with it it begins to make a surprising amount of sense. As players progress through the cutscene-laden story they’ll conquer impossible environments, evade the wrath of a bevy of menacing guard bots, and even do battle with huge screen filling bosses. Players can find secret areas hidden throughout the game which helps to give it a deeper design aesthetic. Catchy original tunes and striking graphics help to round out Bubbles’ solid overall package. Retro platforming fans will appreciate the sense of scope in Bubbles’ design.

Bubbles is available for $1.99 on Google Play alongside a free demo.


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