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Physics Sidescroller Gravity Maneuvers Onto Android

A wacky new physics adventure game about a headstrong space hero simply titled Gravity has rocketed onto Android devices. Created by indie developer Team Support, Gravity is a tongue-in-cheek momentum based sidescroller where players will struggle just as much with the laws of physics as they do with menacing alien bosses. It’s up to players to carefully boost their way around zero-g environments in order to collect errant crystals and reach the stage exit without colliding into a bunch of debris in the process.


Players have the option of three different control schemes that each offer their own varying degrees of difficulty and play style. Regardless of their mode of transport players will have to contend with both the less fun effects of inertia and a slowly depreciating oxygen meter if they want to complete each level and advance to the next part of the story. Thematic sidescrolling segments are punctuated by humorous cutscenes and crazy encounters with screen filling bosses while better vehicles can be unlocked to help give players a leg up on the cold blackness of space provided they have the requisite amount of crystals. Fans of physics based adventures will definitely want to take a look at Gravity.

Gravity is free to download on Google Play.

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