Published on January 10th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


ZX Spectrum Inspired Shooter Z-Exemplar Zooms Onto Android

An ambitious new retro shoot ’em up modeled after the ZX Spectrum called Z-Exemplar has soared onto Android following its initial launch on PC last year. This nostalgic gem from indie developer Suminell Studios puts players in the cockpit of an advanced fighter craft as they attempt to invade an alien galaxy and lay waste to its bizarre defenses à la genre classics like R-Type. Boasting over 960 areas to battle in and an impressive level of polish for an arcade shoot ’em up Z-Exemplar more than succeeds in living up to its namesake.


Distilled down to its most basic parts Z-Exemplar is a tough as nails shooter that evokes the challenging titles of yesteryear as players attempt to progress through each level blasting away at anything that moves while taking care not to be disintegrated in return. However that’s only the half of it as Z-Exemplar places a heavy emphasis on weapon customization where equipping one’s fighter properly based on the area they’re heading into is critical to survival, especially when huge boss guardians come into play. Well polished with great presentation and catchy chiptune music, Z-Exemplar is one of the best Android shooters in recent memory.

Z-Exemplar is available for $2.99 on Google Play. It’s also available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.


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