Published on January 11th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Epic Survival Shooter Towaga Blasts Onto Android

The developers behind the retro style arcade game The Firm are back with a gorgeous new survival shoot ’em up called Towaga. Created by indie studio Sunnyside Games, Towaga is a stylish take on the shooter genre where players help a nameless masked figure defend ancient temples from an army of shadow monsters. Rather than fire traditional projectiles at enemies here players instead fire beams of light to exorcise their foes before they can get up close and personal.


Players use a simple but elegant analog pad esque control scheme to aim their beam around them in a 360 degree arc. There is a wide variety of shadow monsters to contend with so players must learn to quickly manage incoming threats based on enemy type and angle of attack. A massive superbeam is available for players to use in a pinch but it comes at the cost of losing precious health. Great gameplay, fantastic art, and thematic music make Towaga a must-see for shooter fans.

Towaga is available for $2.99 on Android and iOS.


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