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Hybrid Space Battle RTS Galaxy Of Iron Rockets Onto Android

An ambitious new space battle themed strategy game that mixes together elements of both turn based and real time strategy by the name of Galaxy Of Iron has arrived on Android. Created by indie developer Iron Sky Games, Galaxy Of Iron is a large in scope galactic warfare sim where players conquer planets using armadas of spaceships and their own guile. As one of several differently styled alien races it’s up to players to outmaneuver and outgun their opponents whether its in the campaign or against other players online.


In the core campaign mode players take turns building up their forces against enemy factions across a huge galactic battlefield. Outside of battle they’ll construct new bases and research new upgrades that they can take into intense RTS combat once engaged by an enemy fleet. In addition to a skirmish mode that skips right to the RTS portion of things for shorter play sessions multiplayer is also supported with its own custom server browser. Strategy junkies will no doubt enjoy Galaxy Of Iron’s attention to detail.

Galaxy Of Iron RTS is free to download on Google Play.

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