Published on January 12th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Physics Fueled Arcade Game Yo To The Yo! Swings Onto Android

A novel new physics heavy arcade romp about hurling toys into outer space titled Yo To The Yo! has swung its way onto mobile devices. This charming pixel themed high score game from indie developer Purple Pwny Studios has a simple but addicting premise whereby players attempt to fling yo-yos as high as they can through the use of physics and proper timing. With its combination of tricky quick time events, runner mechanics, and excellent atmosphere Yo To The Yo! does a quality job of bringing something different to the table.


Players start off by chucking their yo-yo as high as they can by literally grabbing the string and building up enough momentum to gain massive air. This won’t get it very far at first but by grabbing the string at the last second on the downswing and letting go at just the right moment they increase the yo-yo’s inertia to advance ever higher. The definition of yo-yo is humorously loose here as a bunch of unlockable yo-yos such as a cat on a string are available for players to attain as well. Straightforward but highly engaging, physics nuts will get a kick out of Yo To The Yo!.

Yo To The Yo! is free to download on Android and iOS.


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