Published on January 12th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Strategy Puzzler Skyknights Enters Open Beta On Android

An intriguing new strategy game that incorporates puzzle style elements by the name of Skyknights has entered open beta on Android. Developed by indie studio Manatea Entertainment, Skyknights is a neat twist on the strategy genre that has players taking command of a Lemmings-esque band of knights as they go to war with a horde of mindless golems led by a dastardly alchemist. Players must learn to master the elements as they engage in rock-paper-scissors style strategy in this kooky battle of wits.


Rather than directly control the movement of their troops like in most strategy titles here players lay down lanes for their soldiers to march down with proper pathing placement being key to victory. As both soldiers and enemy golems walk over special sections of the map they’ll gain the properties of one of three elements that can only be efficiently countered by a unit with an opposing element. This can get quite involved as the maps progress in complexity and makes for an interesting approach to typical strategy unit design. Strategy aficionados will definitely want to take a look at this new take on the genre.

Skyknights is in open beta as a free download on Google Play.

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