Published on January 18th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Stylish Physics Platformer Rock & Ball Rolls Onto Android

A thematic new touchscreen oriented platformer that mixes physics based action together with moody visuals by the name of Rock & Ball has rolled onto mobile devices. This mashup of swipe based and traditional platforming comes by way of indie developer Skyware Studio and brings its own unique approach to the genre. Players take control of an adventurous black orb that must bounce its way through intimidating levels filled with traps and enemies.


In order to move the ball around the environment players alternate between using standard left/right buttons and swiping to jump which allows for a combination of both precise and extreme movement. Players will need to be masters of trajectory as they are racing against a slowly ticking clock that magnifies the importance of every mis-step. As they solve puzzles, bounce off springs, and navigate treacherous machinery players will have to carefully judge their moves if they want to reach the level exit. Platforming fans looking for something a little different will want to check out Rock & Ball.

Rock & Ball is available in both ad-supported and premium formats on both Android and iOS with the premium version going for a dollar.


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