Published on January 22nd, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Survival Shooter Super Planet Defender Blasts Onto Android

A terrific new arcade style shoot ’em up that feels like a cross between Super Crate Box and Asteroids by the name of Super Planet Defender has made landfall on Android devices. Released by indie developer Rui Madeira, Super Planet Defender is an ostensibly straightforward defense shooter where players attempt to defend a diminutive planetoid from destruction by unloading a galaxy’s worth of firepower on any passing comets that so much as look at them funny. This eminently replayable survival shooter features intense 360 degree movement and plenty of game changing unlockables to go along with its fire power fueled mayhem.


Players control their stalwart space warrior by use of a virtual analog pad to quickly zip around the whole circumference of the planet’s surface. As their hero auto-fires players will need to strategically aim at oncoming asteroids before they can become a threat which quickly becomes easier said than done as they start to appear en masse and in deadly new varieties. Luckily players can collect weapon power ups similar to games like Super Crate Box that can help turn the tide of battle in a pinch. Additional weapon types and even a whole new hard mode can be unlocked by destroying the requisite number of comets and reaching a far enough stage. Shoot ’em up fans will get a cosmic kick out of this addicting survival shooter.

Super Planet Defender is free to download on Google Play.

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