Published on January 22nd, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Wacky Retro Shooter Run On The Bank Enters Open Alpha

A campy new arcade style shooter adorned with silly retro aesthetics called Run On The Bank has been released in open alpha form on Android. This old school minded pixel shoot ’em up from indie developer Reject Force Entertainment puts players in the tophat of an eccentric billionaire as he hunts down his riches after they are scattered about the land in explosive fashion. It’s up to players to take on the role of this reverse-anthropomorphized Scrooge McDuck as they blast away at the greedy coin collecting citizenry using their trusty pea shooter alongside the occasional exploding rubber chicken or two.


Part shooter, part runner, part platformer, Run On The Bank is set up in the style of a sidescrolling arcade game where players control the gun toting geezer using a virtual gamepad to maneuver and fire. Jumping plays a large role in avoiding enemy projectiles especially against bosses brandishing unconventional ammo like pizza shields and flying robot arms. An alternate weapon slot allows for different play styles such as using a magnet to cover more ground or employing combustible fowl as impromptu crowd control. Humorous twists on classic shooter tropes like a shield made out of rubber ducks help to give this tongue in cheek proceeding additional levity. This charming arcade romp will appeal to shooter fans looking for a laugh.

Run On The Bank is free to download as an open alpha on Google Play. It has an accompanying Kickstarter campaign to complete development which you can visit here.

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