Published on January 26th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Stellar Space Shoot ‘Em Up Xenoraid Blasts Onto Android

Following its release on PC, consoles, and most recently on iOS a few weeks ago the hyperactive arcade inspired shoot ’em up Xenoraid has made its way onto Android devices. Released by venerable indie developer 10tons, Xenoraid is an exceptionally well polished shooter that feels like Galaga on steroids as players mow down wave after wave of exotic alien starfighters. It’s up to players to save the earth from alien invasion as they take command of a quartet of ace pilots facing down ever more perilous extraterrestrial enemies.


While Xenoraid follows the model set forth by shooter genre classics it also introduces several ideas of its own that add interesting nuances to the formula. Rather than command a single craft against the alien hordes here players’ odds are slightly better as they are able to switch between 4 different customizable ships on the fly similar to games like Marvel Vs Capcom. Moving a ship around the screen gives players’ angle of fire a slight tilt which allows for some stylish moves and introduces an extra layer of insanity to your typical shoot ’em up combat mechanics. There is support for bluetooth controllers as well. Shoot ’em up fans will definitively want to check out this well done homage to classic space shooters.

Xenoraid is free to download on Google Play with ad-supported access to the first 10 missions and a single iap to unlock the full game. You can also get it on a variety of other platforms such as iOS and PC.


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