Published on January 27th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Puzzle Style Dungeon Crawler Towerneer Journeys Onto Android

A charming new puzzle themed dungeon crawler that has echos of Chess intertwined with its challenging turn based strategy mechanics by the name of Towerneer has made its way onto Android. Created by indie developer Veseli Vepar, Towerneer is an unassuming retro style puzzler that makes up for its basic but functional graphical offerings with really clever grid based combat that will make even the most savvy of armchair strategists beg for mercy as they attempt to outwit cadres of pixel monsters. As the nameless tower pioneer it’s up to players to reach the end of each level without getting cornered by killer slime or stepping on a trap.


Players take turns moving and attacking with the tower’s denizens as they carefully slide about the grid a few steps at a time. Much like a pawn in Chess players can only advance one or two squares horizontally while the various monsters they encounter will mimic other Chess pieces such as bishops and rooks. In addition to their movement patterns some enemies have different buffs like the ability to freeze the players for a turn if they are defeated. Puzzler fans will get a kick out of this Chess-esque dungeon crawler.

Towerneer is free to download on Android and PC.


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