Published on January 31st, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Bullet Hell Adventure Game Can You Escape Fate? Hits Android

A trippy new bullet hell style dodge ’em up that combines Undertale inspired combat with point & click room escape puzzles dubbed Can You Escape Fate? has arrived on Android. A sequel to indie developer JCSoft’s previous title Can You Escape Love?, Can You Escape Fate? once again pits players against a homicidal anthropomorphized animal as they go on a bizarre journey that will see them traveling back in time to do battle with killer crane-game machines and gun toting ghosts. In this story rich horror tinged adventure game it’s up to players to return to the long forgotten era of 2016 to try and rescue a lost sibling before they lose their soul to conniving creatures.


Like a more ambitious version of its predecessor, Can You Escape Fate? tasks players with solving point & click puzzles that usually involve searching the environment and talking to NPCs. While most NPCs will seem friendly at first they tend to turn on players pretty quickly which prompts crazy bullet hell sequences where they must move their heart out of danger using relative analog controls that work fairly well. There’s a lot of imagination at play in Can You Escape Fate? and fans of Undertale will likely dig its combination of atmosphere and intense arcade mechanics.

Can You Escape Fate? is free to download on Google Play.

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