Published on January 31st, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


RPS RPG The Weave Of Heroes Ventures Onto Android

A humorous new rock-paper-scissors inspired RPG with strategic combat and neat graphic novel style graphics dubbed The Weave Of Heroes has made its way onto Android devices. This pocket sized role playing game from indie developer i&Cow features surprisingly complex counterattack mechanics nested within a purposefully bite sized mission structure tailor made for questing on the go. In this tongue-in-cheek adventure it’s up to players to rescue their sister from an army of goofy monsters while learning new skills and confronting a mysterious foe in the process.


Rather than the simple three attacks allotted in traditional RPS here each of the three elements represent entire branches of combat that players can pull a large variety of special moves from. There is also the titular ‘Weave’ ability which is a special super move players can unleash that isn’t able to be blocked by any of the three attack types and represents player’s trump card in tough battles. With its silly storyline, wonderful art style, and engrossing combat system The Weave Of Heroes makes for a great mobile-centric RPG.

The Weave Of Heroes is free to download on Android and PC.


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