Published on February 3rd, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


GameBoy Style Puzzler Warlock’s Tower Shambles Onto Android

A challenging new adventure puzzler done up in the style of a long lost GameBoy game by the name of Warlock’s Tower has arrived on Android devices. Developed by indie studio Midipixel, Warlock’s Tower is a tongue-in-cheek riff on oldschool handheld titles that balances out its sardonic wit with devilishly complex level design that will leave your brain in knots. As a fearless mailman on a quest to save the world by delivering a love letter from all of humanity to a deranged wizard it’s up to players to circumvent the tower’s deadly curse that causes sudden loss of life within three steps.


Players move about the screen using a simplified virtual gamepad that works well considering its large UI and turn based context. In order to make it out of each room alive players must carefully navigate each puzzle so they collect life given gems that will stay the grim reaper’s hand for a few turns more. Zombies, slimes, and conveyor belts of doom all await players in this nostalgic blast from the past. Puzzle fanatic will definitely want to give Warlock’s Tower a go.

Warlock’s Tower is available for $3.99 on Google Play. You can also pick it up on iOS and PC.


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