Published on February 5th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Ludosity Stealth Releases New Retro Roguelike Randomhack

The developer behind indie gems like Ittle Dew and Card City Nights is back with a new retro style roguelike streamlined for touchscreen devices called Randomhack. This classically minded RPG from indie developer Ludosity is an ode to the roguelike genre that attempts to marry together its staple turn based combat mechanics with an updated pick up and play approach that makes it more palatable for quick on the go sessions. Like any good roguelike it’s up to players to battle their way through hordes of monsters as they descend further and further into a gloomy dungeon in pursuit of a showdown with the final boss.


A straightforward touch based interface lets players move about and attack with tap based gestures. As players explore each floor of the dungeon they’ll come across weapons of varying quality, useful one-off items, and not-so-friendly monsters eager to put a stop to any foolhardy adventurers that wander in their path. Players are also able to collect mysterious scrolls containing helpful hints that are permanently added to their codex even after they inevitably bite the dust. Fans of oldschool roguelikes will have a grand time with this charming throwback from Ludosity.

Randomhack is available for $.99 on Google Play alongside a free trial version that’s limited to the first 16 floors of the full game’s 50 floors.


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