Published on February 6th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Button Masher Towel Defence Splashes Onto Android

A new absurdist arcade game about a telekinetic bather doing battle with an evil clothes stealing fire hydrant by the name of Towel Defence has arrived on Android. This retro themed button masher from indie developer Red Rittles Games challenges players with a hybrid of dodge ’em up and tapper mechanics as players attempt to simultaneously dodge a torrent of deadly electrified water and whale on the attack function every chance they get. It’s up to players to survive this deadly deluge and emerge victorious in their rumble with the heretical hydrant lest they be de-toweled and exposed to the world in all their pixelated glory.


Players move the psychic protagonist about by touching on the left and middle parts of the screen with the right side reserved for focusing their energies on the destruction of the red ruffian threatening their modesty. As they whittle the hydrant’s health down they’ll begin to encounter silly meta characters like a giant block from Tetris that covers a big chunk of the playing area and a nyan cat that gives players temporary invincibility from overhead projectiles. Richly animated pixel art graphics and a nice chiptunes inspired soundtrack round out the retro experience. Arcade fans will enjoy Towel Defence’s simple but silly oldschool approach.

Towel Defence is free to download on Android and PC.


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