Published on February 6th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Zero Gravity Shooter Dubspace Blasts Onto Android

A cool new momentum-centric survival shooter about blowing away hordes of killer aliens in zero-g environments by the name of Dubspace has floated onto Android devices. Released by indie developer Attribute Clash, Dubspace is a retro themed character filled shoot ’em up where players attempt to stay alive as long as possible while drifting about hazard filled space stations with only a shotgun as both their only means of defense and mode of transportation. It’s up to players to join the Rastafarian space navy and plunder derelict spacewrecks in search of loot and vital data long thought lost to the cosmos.


As their avatar floats around the screen players must tap in any direction to shoot their weapon and be thrown back from the recoil. While it’s tempting to unload a full clip on any encroaching monsters players would be wise to mind their surroundings as oftentimes stages come equipped with special traps like a rotating laser turret or electrified walls. There are a wide variety of extraterrestrials to contend with and players must learn how to react to their attack patterns if they want to survive. A large cast of different characters that each come packing with their own special weapon are available to unlock provided players have collected enough loot. Shoot ’em up fans in the mood for something a little different will have a hoot with Dubspace.

Dubspace is free to download on Android and iOS. It features a nice approach to ads wherein players only have to watch ads if they want to play a special bonus mode.


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