Published on February 11th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Gothic Shoot ‘Em Up Midnight Hunter Dawns On Android

A great new shoot ’em up about exterminating hordes of evil monsters by the name of Midnight Hunter has made its way onto Android devices. Created by indie developer Denis Vasilev and released by publisher MyPlayYard, Midnight Hunter is a runner esque survival shooter that combines light platforming influences with intense arcade style bullet hell mechanics in an elegant way that keeps players on their toes without being unfair. It’s up to players to don the robes of a butt kicking medieval exorcist as they go on a personal crusade to defeat an army of undead creatures using their saintly wits and a whole lot of firepower.


As their character auto-runs towards enemies players must hold on either side of the screen in order to move him into firing range and dodge any incoming projectiles. Swiping up on either side of the screen will cause him to jump in that direction which is useful for getting past traps and leaping over enemy attacks. The difficulty level in Midnight Hunter can be intimidating but luckily there are tons of power ups for players to unlock that will help even the odds. Destroying crates that hold special weapons is crucial as they are able to dispatch mobs of foes much quicker than the default option. As players level up they’ll gain access to new power up types and will be able to use their accumulated gold to acquire stat boosting equipment. Arcade shooter aficionados will have a great time with Midnight Hunter.

Midnight Hunter is free to download on Android and PC.


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