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Master Nature In New Puzzle Platformer Tower Of Elements

A clever new puzzle style platformer about level manipulation called Tower Of Elements has appeared on Android devices. The brainchild of indie studio Jumble! Devs, Tower Of Elements is an intellectually stimulating sidescroller where players must help a young wizard conquer a massive tower filled with tricky trials and a menagerie of merciless monsters eager to introduce themselves to any would be magicians. In order to prevail over the tower’s devious level designs players will need to make smart use of the wizard’s limited spell casting abilities so they can rearrange their surroundings and create a viable path to the exit.


Players move their mild-mannered mage around the level using virtual left/right buttons and cast spells with a row of buttons on the bottom right of the screen. There are four different abilities available and each one has its own set of specially themed levels to overcome. For example using the wind spell will push ice blocks about to create an impromptu bridge whereas a fire spell will melt any ice blocks that are impeding progress. In addition to finding the solution to beating each level players will also need to contend with an army of monsters that must be avoided at all costs as they are much to powerful for an apprentice wizard to defeat. If you’re a puzzle fan you’ll definitely want to check out this platforming inspired take on the genre.

Tower Of Elements is free to download on Google Play.

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