Published on February 14th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Romance And Physics Collide In New Dodge ‘Em Up Flirt

It’s Valentine’s Day and in celebration of everyone’s universal love of video games comes a heartwarming new arcade style dodge ’em up about the literal law of attraction dubbed Flirt. Created by indie developer Interactive Monster, this ostensibly straightforward yet highly replayable spin on the bullet hell genre tasks players with keeping a gaggle of admirer pixels orbiting within their gravitational pull without inadvertently crashing into them. This is a relatively simple proposition at first when there are only one or two spinning squares to keep track of but as more and more are added in things can quickly become overwhelming if players don’t keep their newfound acquaintances at arm’s length.


Players control a sunny orb with its own gravitational field using direct one-to-one touch controls fashioned after arcade style shooters. As pixels fly in from off screen like a game of Asteroids players must carefully pull them into orbit and maintain a spinning rotation which will cause the pixels to generate hearts that can be used to acquire better upgrades. Extra health, increased gravity, a smaller hitbox and other abilities are available to be unlocked provided players have collected enough hearts out on the battlefield of love. Fans of arcade anti-shooters will go gaga for this festive take on the genre.

Flirt is free to download on Android and iOS.


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