Published on February 17th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Soar Like Sonic In New One Button Platformer Thrusty Ball

A terrific new high speed platformer in the spirit of Sonic The Hedgehog about a gravity defying globe named Thrusty Ball has rolled onto Android. Created by indie developer Iron Dingeses, Thrusty Ball is a really well crafted one button sidescroller that allows players to launch into the air and zip about each level in acrobatic fashion with a simple tap of the screen. Sweeping slopes and launch ramps give players the chance to build up serious speed and haphazardly blast through large portions of stages which is fun but also risky as it can be difficult to tell where they’ll be landing not to mention the possibility of being struck by lightning should they stray too high up.


As the game’s circular protagonist rolls along the ground an arrow indicator floats around it showing players what direction it will jump when they tap the screen. This seemingly straightforward mechanic allows for neat gravity defying tricks and rapid fire platforming as players ricochet towards the level exit. In addition to traps like spike pits and the open sea players will also need to watch out for a variety of enemies that will quickly stop them in their tracks if they’re not careful. Fans of old school high speed platformers will enjoy this well crafted spin on the genre.

Thrusty Ball is free to download on Google Play. You can also check it out on PC at the link below.


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  • David van Zyl

    I’m not really a fan of mobile gaming, however I was asked to give this one a go and have been playing it since early alpha and I must I say I really enjoy it. It reminds me of the old days playing Track Mania and trying to beat the best time on the maps (or even just beating the maps… I’m looking at you level 39)

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