Published on February 20th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Auto-Running Platformer Myau Adventures Leaps Onto Android

In the tradition of great auto-running platformers like Rayman Jungle Run comes an epic new entry to the genre by the name of Myau Adventures. The brainchild of indie developer Peter Romanov, Myau Adventures is a charming new platformer with imaginative tap based gameplay and simple but stylish graphical design that sees players helping a courageous young kitty fight back against a thorn bush planting menace known as the Crablers. It’s up to players to ensure the title cat Myau avoids any thorns in its paw as it travels to a diverse range of environments stopping these dastardly gardeners in their tracks.


As the fearless feline scampers about various fraught filled stages players must tap on the screen to have it jump over the many obstacles and chasms they’ll encounter on their journey. In addition to static traps players will also have to deal with the Crablers running around each level with a good stomp on the head ala Mario, as long as they aren’t the spiky variety of enemy of course. Jumping alone won’t be enough to reach this cat’s goals which is why it’s good that Myau Adventures’ feline protagonist has a few special abilities up its furry sleeve like a handy dash move for getting through tight spots. With its polished gameplay and great level design Myau Adventures would make a fine addition to any platforming enthusiasts’ library.

Myau Adventures is free to download on Google Play.

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