Published on February 23rd, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Defend A Sentient Structure In Mini Hack ‘N Slash Obelisk

A short but stylish Ludum Dare hack ‘n slash about a hookshot wielding warrior lost to time called Obelisk has been ported to Android devices. Developed by indie studio Team Terrible, Obelisk is an arena style dungeon fighter where players must do battle with wraithlike spirits across the ages at the behest of a mysterious talking obelisk. While it can theoretically be completed relatively quickly players will still need plenty of skill to overcome the wildly flailing adversaries they will face in this moody pixel fueled mini-adventure.


Players move around each stage and attack with the help of virtual gamepad controls and a touchscreen friendly targeting system. In addition to their trusty sword players also have a nifty hookshot at their disposal that can be used to both grapple opponents and zip to other parts of the screen. Nice pixel themed graphics and a thematic presentation style help to give this bite sized adventure some extra flair. If you’re up for a short but sweet action adventure game be sure to check out Obelisk.

Obelisk is free to download on Google Play. You can also check it out on PC at the link below.


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