Published on February 24th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Don’t Get Spooked In New Retro Platformer Halloween Nightmare

An oldschool style action platformer about fighting spooky monsters with the power of candy by the name of Halloween Nightmare has arrived on Android. Released by indie developer Phantom Games, Halloween Nightmare is a charming pixel sidescroller reminiscent of classics from the MS-DOS era that will put players’ platforming skills to the test as they leap over spike pits and butt stomp all manner of creepy crawlies along the way to the end of each stage. It’s up to players to help a lost young boy escape from a strange Halloween themed land after falling through a mysterious doorway in his home.


Players move about and attack using virtual gamepad controls that can be adjusted to different sizes. The platforming here is fairly standard but solid with good level design and a wide array of endearingly deadly enemies to fight. In their journey home players will travel across different locales with their own tricks and traps to overcome like a haunted forest, dusty castle, and frigid fortress. By collecting candy strewn about each level players can unlock mid-level save points as well as upgrade their character for extra survivability. Retro platforming enthusiasts will enjoy Halloween Nightmare’s oldschool style approach.

Halloween Nightmare is free to download on Google Play.

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