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Isometric Puzzler Legend Of Xeno Journeys Onto Android

A charming new 3D puzzler about a riddle solving mage on an adventure to conquer the most cunning conundrums dubbed Legend Of Xeno has sauntered onto Android devices. This visually appealing isometric test of wits comes from indie developer Raheel Zubair and challenges players with figuring out ever more complex puzzles using only their brain and a magical shade-creating amulet. It’s up to players to progress through 24 mind boggling rooms filled with deadly traps and a healthy difficulty curve that will prove hard to surmount for all but the most experienced of puzzle veterans.


In order to inspect their environment and maneuver around players need only tap on wherever it is that they want to go. Should they run into a situation that requires holding down multiple switches in order to get past a trap they can use their amulet to create a shadow apparition that will replicate their moves in sequence. This cloning mechanic is used to great affect and gives Legend Of Xeno a thought provoking gameplay style to go along with its endearing isometric graphics. If you’re a fan of puzzlers you’ll likely dig Legend Of Xeno’s 3D level design.

Legend Of Xeno is free to download on Google Play and uses a consumer friendly “contribute to the developer” approach where rather than being nickel-and-dimed by micro-transactions players can instead pay the developer whatever they think the game is worth which is a nice touch.

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