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Space Garbage Collector Review

Embark on a journey through space with the mining vessel USS Artemis on your way back to Earth in Space Garbage Collector by Finnish indie-studio OOKOO Interactive.

In Space Garbage Collector, you control the gun(s) on-top of the USS Artemis mining vessel spaceship as you aim to protect yourself from enemy spaceships while simultaneously mining the resources of as many asteroids and comets as possible by shooting them down.

Rather than a level-based progression, you fight the seemingly endless waves of comets and enemies for as long as you can until you die, upgrade your spaceship and gun(s) and then repeat until you successfully fight your way back to Earth. The difficulty progression of the game is finely tuned, which makes for a great game experience.

Watch the gameplay commentary video of Space Garbage Collector below for a full discussion of the game or continue reading on below.


The graphics of the user-interface (such as the menu) are simple and can at times feel a bit unpolished, but the enemy spaceships look great and the apt soundtrack for the game quickly immerses you in the game world.

What the graphics lack, however, the monetization of the game makes up for, as this is one area the solo-developer of Space Garbage Collector has gotten 100% correct. As opposed to the majority of free Android games, there are no forced ads nor pay to win elements in the Space Garbage Collector and instead, we, as the players, have the option of watching a video ad in return for an in-game reward. A true win/win for both sides.

There is no shortage of sci-fi games for Android, but Space Garbage Collector brings a refreshing experience to the table that is worth checking out if you like the genre.

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Space Garbage Collector Review NimbleThor


Summary: Space Garbage Collector is a challenging and fun sci-fi game that brings a new experience to Android and gets the monetization just right, but is held back by average graphics.



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