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Hold The Line In New Spell Slinging Strategy Game Aporia

BBTAN developer 111% is back in action with a strategic new pixel art wall defense game about exorcising hordes of oncoming revenants by the name of Aporia. As they guard a row of magical crystals in the midst of a spooky graveyard players will need to unleash a custom selected arsenal of spells with laser precision on their foes before they can get close enough to do damage. In addition to its solid wave based combat mechanics Aporia also sports a large selection of special attacks for players to unlock and rotate in to their spell loadout. As they begin to chew their way through successive enemy blitzkriegs players will run into tough bosses that can buff surrounding minions to present an extra degree of challenge alongside their already high HP limit. Strategy fans looking for an action oriented take on the genre with an emphasis on customization will want to check out Aporia.

🔥New Defense Game, "APORIA"You got nowhere else to go. So. Fight! 🤺Android>>

Posted by 111% on Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Aporia is free to download on Android and iOS.

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