Published on April 19th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Logic Puzzler Chipmunk’s Adventures Skitters Onto Android

Chipmunks aren’t generally known for their intelligence but a new retro themed logic puzzler about a spatially gifted rodent dubbed Chipmunk’s Adventures aims to help change all that. Released by developer IndieWolf Games, Chipmunk’s Adventures is a brain tickling isometric puzzle game where players must aid a lost chipmunk in his rabid pursuit of nuts by carefully rearranging objects in each level so he can make it to the goal unharmed. Similar to Sokoban but with a few added twists, elements like moveable objects and enemies are laid out in a grid-like fashion with players attempting to figure out the exact sequence of events they need to enact in order to proceed. With its fiendish level design and promised features like an upcoming level editor for sharing custom layouts Chipmunk’s Adventures will appeal to puzzle junkies looking for a challenge.


Chipmunk’s Adventures is free to download on Google Play.

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