Published on April 21st, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Defend Cyberspace In Robotic New Logic Puzzler OBIO

Indie developer TATR Games has released a mind bending new logic puzzler about saving the internet from viral outbreak called OBIO. This mentally demanding puzzle game puts players in command of two anti-virus robots that move simultaneously as they defend the world wide web one infection at a time which requires careful planning to ensure they don’t get zapped by a laser beam or devoured by any digital pathogens in the process. OBIO’s core dual-movement mechanic is implemented well as new twists are introduced over the course of the 80+ level campaign that add extra wrinkles to the formula like enemy bots, auto-formatting walls, and even a gigantic fire spewing boss. Should players run up against a metaphorical brick wall they can make use of a plethora of different power ups to get past otherwise impassable barriers. Endearing isometric visuals and a catchy soundtrack help to give OBIO it’s own unique flair.


OBIO is free to download on Android and iOS with the PC version going for $2.99.

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