Published on May 1st, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Style Tap ‘Em Up Cat And Ghosts Pounces Onto Android

Anyone who has had a cat before knows how they can get in the way of sleep sometimes but what if instead of getting into mischief those rambunctious little furballs were actually fending off spooky specters intent on haunting their human’s dreams? Such is the scenario proposed in indie developer Ghusoft’s aptly titled retro tap ’em up Cat And Ghosts. In this pixel art arcade game players are tasked with swatting away hordes of ghostly enemies before they can get close enough to ruin the sleep of a kitty’s caretaker and he is blamed for all the commotion. As players survive each night new types of ghosts are introduced alongside all the others that preceded them which quickly makes for an intimidating flood of creepy creatures that must be batted away as soon as they appear. Fans of reflex heavy arcade games will want to check out Cat And Ghosts.


Cat And Ghosts is free to download on Google Play.

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    Oh i love this game!

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