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Published on May 1st, 2017 | by NimbleThor


Pocket Rogues Review

Fight monsters, defeat challenging bosses, and avoid dangerous ambushes as you travel down the catacombs!

Every once in a while, you come across a game that you just can’t put down once you’ve started playing it. Roguelike rpg Pocket Rogues was such a game for me. The roguelike gameplay feels natural if you’re familiar with the genre, and although you are in for a bit of a grind, the game progresses rather quickly with plenty of rewards along the way.

Pocket Rogues sends you on a journey down the catacombs as either a rogue, warrior, or wizard, where you’ll be greeted by everything from rats to zombies that will kill you in an instant if you don’t pay attention. This hardcore difficulty level makes it feel so much more rewarding when you clear each level in the catacombs, however, and you quickly start praising yourself lucky whenever you find a weapon or new armor piece.

The graphic style is unique and raw, and the atmosphere is intense throughout the entire game, right from the first level to the epic boss battles and dangerous ambush rooms that you randomly encounter.

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This doesn’t mean Pocket Rogues is perfect, though. While I found myself addicted to the game nearly right from the start, some have reported that the controls can take some time getting used to, and there is no support for a physical controller.

As for monetization, the game does make you sit through a 5-second video ad whenever you die, but the ads can be disabled by purchasing any in-app purchase, and at only $19.99 for the most expensive in-app purchase, the monetization of the game seems very fair.

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Pocket Rogues Review NimbleThor


Summary: Pocket Rogues is a challenging roguelike RPG that has you sitting on the edge with its intense atmosphere and addictive gameplay. One of the best games within the genre.



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