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Racing Themed Memory Game CAAARGH! Drives Onto Mobile

Racing games nowadays have the benefit of powerful processors that allow for intricately detailed simulations but there was a time in the history of racers when even being able to zoom out was a graphical feat outside the technological limitations of the era. A prime example of this would be racing against ones friends in games like Micro Machines where being in first would actually put one at a disadvantage as they would be forced to practically hug the top of the screen with only a few pixels separating their car from potential hazards while their friends laughed at a safe distance. While you would think this would be the kind of design modern games would try to avoid the madmen at indie developer Alpha Delta Games have taken the genuinely brave step of turning this once loathed limitation into the central mechanic of their innovative new racing themed memory game CAAARGH!.


In this Micro Machines inspired pseudo-racer it’s up to players to successfully drive their car through twisting stunt courses while only being able to see a few feet in front of them. While in any other game this would be considered a design flaw CAAARGH! does an admirable job of building a solid game around it as players must rely on both their skill and familiarity with the layout of the track in order to reach their goal. To aid them in avoiding taking a wrong turn off a sheer drop players have access to a limited zoom-out ability that will allow them to get their bearings every so often. They can also drop down checkpoints throughout each stage at the cost of a star. In addition to the memorization involved in navigating each course players will also have to keep their eyes peeled for a sequence of different numbered dice that will garner them a better score if they can remember it once they’ve finished the level. Alongside the beefy 186 level campaign there are also two different survival modes, a daily challenge mode, and a neat level generator that creates new tracks based on user-generated words. Racing fans will enjoy this novel new brain game spin on the genre.

CAAARGH! is free for the first ten levels after which the full game can be unlocked for $1.99.

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