Published on May 5th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Buggy New Platformer Charlie The Roach Skitters Onto Android

When it comes to bugs in video games they’re usually something that developers try to avoid however in the case of the ambitious new adventure platformer Charlie The Roach the bugs players will be dealing with are of the wisecracking insect variety rather than the programming variety. In this beautifully grotesque sidescroller from indie developer Gray Mantis players take on the role of a cantankerous old roach who’s been awakened from his food induced slumber by the pleas of fellow bugs that have been trapped in deadly roach motels with no way out. It’s up to players to leap their way through highly detailed locales that exude personality like garbage heaps and spider filled caves as they collect items and solve puzzles for an eclectic cast of invertebrate characters. Charlie The Roach’s great graphics are supplemented by snarky voice-overs for all the characters in the game which helps to give it a quirky atmosphere all its own as players explore its vibrant world. Oldschool platforming fans looking for a quality sidescroller they can sink their teeth into will get a kick out of this finely crafted adventure.


Charlie The Roach is available for $.99 on Google Play alongside a free demo version. There’s also a pre-order demo available for PC in advance of the full version’s release on that platform.

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