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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #75

There are tons of new indie Android games being released all the time, so much so that it can be tough to cover each one individually. In light of that every now and then we like to compile a visual guide of the newest indie games that have recently flown in under the radar. Here are 41 new indie Android games from the past month or so that you might have missed in no particular order.

Sky Children from Gamnamu

“Sky Children is an arcade game with some puzzle element that player repeat instant judgments and failures and finally find solutions. Use your improvisation. Try your luck. Look for clues to solving in repeated failures. Collect characters. You can get a new character each time you pass one stage. Get the highest score. The best way to get the best score is to run the longest distance and tap the most!”

One Tap Rally from Razmobi

“Slide and drift around corners with One Tap Rally, a fun and simple yet hard to master, top down, old school rally car racing game. If you like slot cars games, only off the rails then this is the game for you.”

One Touch Jack: Mayan Temple from TopWEB Studios


“Discover 12 levels filled with traps, animals and Pitfalls, try to exit the temple with the statue of Maya.
Exceeds all the pitfalls, traps and dodge all animals, look for the Best Road and arrive at exit with the lowest number of clicks.”

The Rolling Edge from Kinepx

“The game is very challenging due to a set of skills you have to reach in order to fly the plane properly. It is targeted to hardcore flying simmers who want to enjoy benefits of realistic flying adapted to the world of mobile devices.”

Space Rocket Shooter from OXPANA Games

“Welcome to Private Security Company “† Cosmic Wolf †” Private!

● Crazy dynamics of the game that will distract you from any boring deeds!
● Very elaborate animation
● Highscore system
● Interesting levels that will still be updated depending on your desire!
● Your favorite game will always be in your pocket!
● A huge number of jokes, they just need to be found!
● A good soundtrack from the beginning musician “Alexey K☻ros ♫ el“”

Ram Adventure from Grzegorz Jedrusyna

“Welcome to the beautiful world of Ram Adventure!

Don’t be mislead of the cuteness you see. The story has a dark side as well!

Once upon a time in a sunny beautiful day, the little lamb has been kidnapped by a scary wolf. The brave ram is the only hope for little lamb. But how can a ram compete with a deadly wolf? Ram has no sharp teeth and no paws while the wolf has all that and it’s a born fighter!”

Andromeda Overdrive from Anton Zhelnov

“Reach for the stars and high scores in 80s retro inspired synthwave infused endless arcade!”

Neogen Beatz from ArmNomads

“Neogen Beatz is an arcade with neon lights, fluid gameplay and high speeds and all interacting as one with the mesmeric visual style and accompanying music.
Choose Your Favorite track from Your device and Feel how the Music pulses through the astonishing unique neon backgrounds, while you are playing the game♫♪♫♪.
Match the neon figures as they fallout, with the cells in the bottom, test your reaction and beat the highscores to unlock new modes.”

Fishing Day from Takomo Games

“Fishing themed collectible and inventory management casual game. Find fish and buried treasures from the depths. Sometimes you’ll catch a piece of junk. Sell your catch in the fish market and buy better fishing gear for even bigger catch and more valuable treasures! “

Jumpy Jo from Nechyporuk Andriy

“Try yourself in this exciting arcade game about a cybernetic impulse – a safeguard in a computer world. Take your funny cubic hero through a platforming madness. Find a key from the locked door leading to the next level. Try to collect all bonuses on the way. With each new level you will unlock something new to make your adventure more interesting and the game even more challenging. Traps, monsters and surprising situations will never allow you to bored in this platformer game. Be attentive, don’t let the hero face sharp thorns and remember: never give up!”

Death Behind from TWForward

“You were destined by the army, to a secret base of the government, you will be the guard of the entrance, until the circumstances will make that you leave your position and you go deep in the base and you will discover what they really do, and what their plans will be To end humanity and build a better …”

Sunken Anchor from David Dolynny

“Sunken Anchor is an arcade style fishing game where you ‘swipe’ to cast your line into the water and wait for the fish to bite. Once you’ve got a fish on the line, you have to play the game of reeling it in without breaking your line tension.”

GalaxSeed from Roaring Cat Games

“On your way back home through the solar system, you will encounter countless lifeless obstacles which you must dodge. Using your small arsenal of galactic gardening tools, you can plant life onto these obstacles to calm them and grant you an easier path back home. Dodge everything, and Plant Trees!”

Crowd Pleaser! from Arran Smith

“Ever wanted to be a part of a Mexican Wave while on the bus? Now you can!
Improve your skills on this endless arcade game testing your reaction and endurance.”

Aselak from Caustic Games

“Traverse your way through galaxies, making use of gravitational assist and slingshot,
collecting parts of the stolen ancient artifact, The Aselak. This artifact is capable
of creating and destroying entire planets, stars and even galaxies,
so its your duty to recover every piece of it before its too late…”

Ace Academy: Skies of Fury from Illumination Games

“In the action-packed skies over the Battle of Arras, experience Bloody April of 1917 from the perspective of both British and German pilots fighting for their lives. With a visual aesthetic inspired by vintage comics, Skies Of Fury features stunning WW1 planes, epic aerial combat, and beautifully hand-crafted environments. Dogfight through 50 missions using 10 unique planes, each fully customizable. Play Ace Academy: Skies Of Fury and work your way up the ranks to become the top ace of your faction.”

Father and Son from TuoMuseo

“Father and Son is an adventure that takes off from the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, a cultural institution housing some of humanity’s greatest artefacts and treasures.
What begins as the story of a son who never knew his father becomes a universal and ageless tale, with the present and the past making up the setting for Michael’s travels. Seek for yourself the beauties of Naples, experience the last hours of life in Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, and explore the ordinary day-to-day life in Ancient Egypt. The past is what makes our present real.
Completion time: 50-60 minutes. Some sections of Father and Son are unlocked by checking in at the Archaeological Museum of Naples, publisher of the game.”

Griblers from Grumpy Games

“Turn-based mobile fantasy RPG with strategy elements (TBS RPG).
Who’s gonna like it?
All fans of fantasy and RPG.
Difficulty level:
Somewhere between “very easy” and “how it possible !?!?”
Does it worth to play?
Of course! Griblers is a fascinating mobile adventure that will capture your mind up to a pain in your fingers.”

Dance Vs Zombies from Jump Up Games

“Use a Bboy to repeat the color coded zombie dance sequence using the color dots. Improve your memory game while having fun too!”

Air Safety World from HCILabUdine

“From the creators of “Prepare for Impact”, in the context of an international aviation safety project, this first-of-its kind, feature-packed app immerses you in the world of air safety through lots of engaging, interactive 3D experiences:”

Lonely Kids from NeveApp

“Players will find themselves lost in a magic temple with devilish witches and deadly traps. Withdrawal or halt mean death, the only way to survive is keep running forward. Some may say that Lonely Kids is an ideal game for adventurous spirits, and some may say it is for people desire to break their own limits, not only on the roads in the game, but on the roads of the life as well. Be aware of getting addicted before you decide to join the game, while it is easy to control and to get acquainted with the scenes, but high score achievement is completely different matter.”

Magical Brickout from Black Shell Media

“Instead of moving a small paddle back and forth across the screen you are able to rotate the bricks in a circular fashion as you frantically try to keep the ball in the play area. This fast-paced and addictive gameplay is only half of the fun. Combined with a fantasy theme and beautifully hand painted graphics, casual and hardcore gamers will be entertained for hours. “

Circle UP – Ball Jump from JUST1337

“Avoid obstacles on the way: Cybers, portals, spikes and many more to test your skills.
There are more than 20+ levels and modes with exciting and tricky obstacles.”

Dice Harder from Best Day Ever

“Dice matching might sound easy, but you will feel surprisingly challenged in this fun 3D puzzle!
Swipe dice around the board, and place it before you run out of moves. Think ahead! Building up combos is the key to making massive scores. However, be careful not to fill out your board!”

RAIMASU from ngussa games

“An addicting action arcade Samurai Beat ’em up game. if you love Samurais, Anime, Hiphop, then this game will bring you a great feeling. Play as a Samurai named “Konzo” who lived under the Tokugawa family.But after he betrayed his comrades, he is forever hunted by the shadow of his past.”

Codroids from Bearded Whale

“In Codroids, you take on the role of a factory manager with a simple job: guiding brightly colored worker-droids to matching spots on the factory floor. A straightforward task, until some bad wiring connected the movement controls of the droids and made them move as one!”

Xen the Alien from HexGEAR

“Take on the role of Xen the Alien and blast or sneak your way through 8 different locations of the planet Naytonia in search of the missing parts of your ship so you can escape the planet. Defeat or avoid the menacing military presence on the planet, the choice is yours!”

Green Park Skater from Marcin Salata


“Easy to learn skateboarding game with nine unique skatepark levels, ten different obstacles, seven tricks and unlimited fun. Skater has to score particular number points in limited time to unlock next level. To perform a trick skater has to collect trick rings and then just make sure not to crash.”

Zombies Chasing My Cat from Thumbspire

“It’s the Zombie apocalypse! The undead are walking around, & they’re not hungry for plants! Get ready to fight or you’ll be dead. Run or die!
Picture it; you wake up one morning and the zombie apocalypse is here. Not a single living soul around – just herds of walking dead lurking & looking for BRAINS!
All of a sudden, your cat Oscar jumps out of the window & speeds off into the distance!
You must leave your shelter and get Oscar back while avoiding flocks of undead monsters.”

Slow it Down from Honey Comb Studios

“Slow it Down is a unique addictive endless casual game in which you have to hold down the screen to move slow and wait for the perfect time to release. “

Switch Out from Studio 989

“A perfect time killer that’ll test your reactions & timing with this one-touch game!
Switch from wall to wall to avoid oncoming objects.
Sounds simple but it’s not easy. The challenge lies in your timing and reactions, especially when the game gets faster & harder the further along you get.
Scoring is based on how long you can last.”

Truck Trials Driving Challenge from Craig Briggs

“Make sure to put enough fuel before hitting the road and get ready for an extreme off-road driving experience like never before. Truck Trials Driving Challenge will surely rock your world! Come on! What are you waiting for? Download now for FREE, available in Google Play Store!”

Idle Tower Defense from Thomas Bizal

“Idle Tower Defense is a free, innovative blend of genres that is a breath of fresh air in the all-too-similar idle / clicker / incremental / tap game market. This is no simple tapping or clicking game – it mixes exciting TD (Tower Defense) gameplay in with idle / incremental game elements, and avoids the repetitive tap / clicker mechanic. Between the strategy of choosing when and where to place heroic towers, making use of powerful skills and magics, collecting a plethora of powerful bonus items, and the constant progression and huge numbers that idle games are all about, Idle Tower Defense is sure to please any fan! And it is free to play, so give it a try!”

ColorSlam from Robot Sea Monster Games

“Tag your territory in this tactical tower triumph! Wage war against the other Color’s forces, taking towers and coloring your way to victory.
ColorSlam is the exciting new casual RTS that’ll test your creative tactics and challenge even the most hardened tower defence master.”

Higher Pupper from Olibear

“Help these puppers eat lots and lots of treats with simple two-button controls while earning enough to invite more of them to the game! Puggo, Beagle, Yorkie, Shibe, Corgo and much more to come soon!”

Divert from Psychealike

“Divert and plunge past danger in this endless and addictive action adventure!
Push your skills to the limit whilst dodging the timeless terror that awaits you.”


“A new retro arcade game that you can play with one hand. A powerful bear is being outnumbered by invaders that took its home. In an upbeat, adventurous action jumping game, you need to help the bear get the home back with the help of other animals. All the 🐻 has are great jumping abilities and various powerups that will help you get further and further! Have fun and try to get as many coins as possible!”

Order: The Memory Challenge from Tronlogics

“Memory is the biggest asset of any individual. But to keep it sharp you need to exercise your brain muscles just like your body muscles. In this fast moving world, with time being biggest constrain, it is very difficult to get enough time for puzzles and other challenges. So we are bringing to mobile phones a uniquely designed fun game to provide adequate amount of daily exercise for your most important asset -The Brain.”

Number Drop from Rosenburger Games

“Number Drop is a math puzzle game like no other. Use math, arithmetic, logic and problem solving to reach the target numbers.”

Dualtris from KZ LAB

“Dualtris is the new tile-matching puzzle with the dual fields.
Featuring the dual fields, the best known puzzle becomes significantly harder, and even the players who no longer find the conventional tile-matching puzzle challenging enough can be thrilled for sure. This new game offers the Endless Mode to pursue the high score, and the Stage Mode to delete the pre-determined tiles. More stages will be added at updates! “

Dark Age from PixelFun Games

“YOU as the chosen one, your duty to prevent Soris from destroying the kingdom of light and world peace. Armed with the blessed sword of scimitar and the flame of justice, the dark evil demon and Soris has to be stop! Join this great thrilling 2D retro-rpg pixel-art style adventure, Dark Age : Soris The Fallen Hero.”

Know of any new indie Android games we should include in our next round-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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