Published on May 7th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Artful Beatdowns Abound In New Arcade Gesture Fighter Magink

A stylish new arcade brawler about using the power of calligraphy to defeat pixel art demons called Magink has made its way onto Android devices. In this free gesture based fighter from Chinese indie developer InterNerdtion it’s up to players to confront fearsome mythological bosses that have risen from the underworld and defeat them with a magical brush that can unleash a variety of elemental attacks. While players move around using traditional analog style controls attacking is a different matter entirely as players have access to three different magic types that utilize unique gestures to launch spells towards opponents in shooter-like fashion. In addition to standard spells players can also open a rapid-fire calligraphy menu that allows them to draw special symbols and call upon powerful super moves that decimate one’s foes at the cost of a lengthy cool down period for the corresponding element.


Although it has yet to be fully translated Magink is still completely playable for English speaking audiences as aside from its Google Play Store description and a brief intro cinematic there is no on-screen text to worry about due to in-game characters communicating through animated thought bubbles instead. If you’re a fan of boss battling arcade games like Titan Souls be sure to give this free gesture brawler a go.

Magink is free to download on Android and iOS.

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