Published on May 10th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Gesture Puzzler Swipe Casters Coming Soon

Indie developer Ogre Pixel has announced the upcoming release of an intriguing new gesture based arcade game about dueling fantasy rpg monsters in rapid fire connect-the-dots combat called Swipe Casters. Coming soon to Android and iOS, this retro themed puzzler from the developer behind Warcher Defenders puts players in the shoes of a young wizarding adventurer off on a perilous journey to recover a stolen artifact that was to meant to be a contest prize for a magical tournament. In order to attack their opponents players must repeat ever more complex patterns that appear on floating cards before a timer runs out which lets them deal damage and build up a special move meter. There will also be several different characters that can be unlocked by vanquishing enough monsters to gain the requisite coin. With its unique premise and slick retro graphics Swipe Casters looks like another winner from Ogre Pixel. Look for this arcade puzzler to hit mobile devices soon.

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