Published on May 11th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Colorful New Gesture Runner Retroshifter Enters Open Beta

A stylish new cyberpunk themed runner about diving head first through laser beams and living to tell the tale called Retroshifter has leapt into open beta on Android. The brainchild of indie developer Murdercloud Studios, Retroshifter is a reflex based parkour simulator where players must rapidly change the color of their defense matrix in order to align with oncoming security grids so they can pass through unscathed while doing a flashy acrobatic maneuver. As they progress further and further into the game new colors and higher speeds will be thrown in to the mix to keep players on their toes. In addition to beating their high score players can also complete missions to earn extra scratch which will enable them to unlock new items, upgrades, and skins for their character. Endless runner fans will enjoy Retroshifter’s dazzling atmosphere and swipe based gameplay.


Retroshifter is free to download as a beta on Google Play with the full version expected to launch May 28th.

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