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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #76

There are tons of new indie Android games being released all the time, so much so that it can be tough to cover each one individually. In light of that every now and then we like to compile a visual guide of the newest indie games that have recently flown in under the radar. Here are 62 new indie Android games from the past week or so that you might have missed in no particular order.

War Monster from All In Fun

“The hit free pixel games in arcade history!
War Monster is a creative funny mix of PACMAN with SKY FORCE!
It’s all about uncertain and random that will surely make you scream!
Full of challenges & excitements!
Just for a few seconds, you will deeply sink in it!”

Hard Skating from Studio Generative

“Take your skateboard to the ramp, do as many flips as you can! The bigger the flip, the more points you win. Are you a true sk8r or a true flop? “

Falling Lightblocks from Benjamin M. Schulte

“Falling Lightblocks is the game you loved on your Japanese console in the early 90’s. Now on your mobile, with full touch control, gravity control, Gamepad support and a fresh and clean modern look.”

Trigger Reflex from Guerrilla Bandit

“Trigger Reflex is a western themed duelling game. 3, 2, 1 Shoot. First to pull the trigger will stay standing. Defeat all the different enemies and be the king of the wild west.”

Nightmare from Retrodex Gaming


“Welcome to the early release of Nightmare, a fast paced twin stick shooter game built using Unity for mobile devices! Taking inspiration from the console games of the 90’s, Nightmare aims to create the depth of play expected from console releases, but with the ease of use of a mobile game!”

Last Berserker: Endless War from Hakan Tatar

“You are the last man standing – A legend born with nerves of steel and a warrior’s bravery, who must fight against all odds to defeat the enemy. Sounds easy? No so much if the real test is how fast you can tap your sword out and kill… wait for it… an infinite army!”

Space Max from Tiny Games

“Get ready for a noisy takeoff! Help Max the Astronaut Monkey get back home with his high-tech jetpack, famously powered by eco-friendly flatulent energy. Rip through space thanks to this powerful yet all-natural gas that lets you fly higher and higher!”

Slingshot from Flying Spaghetti

“Slingshot is a multiplayer shooting strategy game set in space. The game consists of two spaceships which have to shoot one another through a field of planets, the gravity of the planets pulls the shots around. The planet fields are randomly generated (just to keep you on your toes). The gravitational effects are what make the game interesting and great fun!”

Tangle from Binary Unit

“Tangle is a local cooperative multiplayer game, it is meant to be played by two players in which both have to cooperate in order to achieve the goal. In short it is a twist on the classic twister game for touch devices.”

Dead Uncleansed from AppSwarm

“The worst nightmares of humanity has come true. In secret labs of an evil tycoon was created a virus which turns people in monsters. In a matter of days almost everyone has been infected. But one group of soldiers has avoided getting infection. Now they must struggle through the hordes of zombies to their base and protect it until a cure is found.”

Super Coin Puncher from Massive Indie

“Tap, Punch, Break, Coin! Simple yet oh so difficult! Do you have the focus to be a coin punching master? Just tap the screen to punch the blocks. Don’t miss a block or it’s game over. Don’t punch the spikes or it’s game over. Unlock all the mighty fists at your disposal and become the strongest coin punch there ever was!”

The Defendroid from Takeshi Games

“The Defendroid is an innovative and fun game. It breaks away from blocky gameplay and creates a curved and smooth playfield. As “The Defendroid” you protect the earth from menacing balls and you break through an alien forcefield! No complicated controls: just tilt your phone left or right, easy as that! Challenge yourself in Endless Mode, collect as many coins as you can, pickup good power-ups and dodge bad power-ups! “

Battle of Tallarn from HexWar Games

“The Horus Heresy: Battle of Tallarn is a turn-based strategy game that recreates one of the most important events in Imperial history. Command a vast array of tanks, Dreadnoughts, Knights and Titans across the toxic landscape. Play as desperate Solar Auxilia units fighting squadrons of Iron Warrior Predators for control of vast underground bunkers.”

Plate from PLVIproject

“How long can you hold an ordinary plate? Hold your device like you would hold real Plate!
Watch out for obstacles and try not to drop all content. Endless location – find out how much checkpoints you can reach. Earn stars on other locations – bring to the finish as much plate content as possible. Every location is unique – find all hidden secrets. Lots of obstacles and new locations on your way!”

Gravity Well from Jason Holland

“Gravity Well is a unique and accessible arcade style game where you orbit a planet, skilfully maneuvering around asteroids in order to survive the longest time.
* Simplistic one touch controls
* Intense satisfying gameplay
* 15 unlockable planets
* Competitive leaderboards”

AuroraBound from Final Game Studio

“AuroraBound is a relaxing and addictive puzzle game, where you link matching pieces together to discover beautiful hidden patterns.

Voodoo Cheval from Video Game Developers Association

“When Louisiana is struck with a voodoo curse, Zombies and demons roam through the Bayou and 1920s New Orleans. Fight back against waves of enemies with your own magic to protect your beloved horse, as a mysterious radio show host guides you through the chaos.”

Left Behind from WildBeep

“You’ve been left behind and now you have to survive the zombie hordes! Left behind features lots of weapons and special attacks such as tank ridding and airstrikes. You’re packed with massive fire power: Shotguns, Machine guns, Rifles, RPG’s. You can even fire Missiles from Tanks, and call for Air Strikes!”

Wacky Fishy from Kistler Software Studio

“Hard day? Switch off and enjoy an awesome mash up of endless runner and jumping fish adventure with the wacky fishes! fly out of the water and collect coins and avoid the obstacles. Reach the wackiest highscore and collect new wacky fishy character in this great free to play mashup of endless runner and jumping fish game! But be aware …as long you swim the more obstacles will spawn and the difficulty increases!

Racing in the Dark from Sarvitech

“Put your driving skills to the test and your life on the line in while tackling your fellow drivers and protecting your headlights. Don’t let the darkness win!”

Dave The Miner from Tresreis Games

“Dave the ‘gold’ miner is an adventure treasure hunt game for gold rush with jet pack. Dave’s story begins in an treasure island where Dave got a map leads to start treasure hunt the gold rush. Dave is on the mission to find the gold mine to begin his treasure hunt. Using his jet pack he can fly in the gold mine to collect the never ending gold and Diamonds.
Gold miner has to face the ghost riders in rail and the flying evil spirits. Fly with jet pack to collect all the gold and Diamonds from the gold mine “

Wheeltris from Spooky House Studios

“Wheeltris defines a new genre of casual games. Its is inspired by charming clockwork apparatuses such as clocks, automatons and other steam-punk masterpieces. The game provides unique experience you have never seen before. It combines vivid and mesmerizing visuals, addictive gameplay and easy controls.”

Topsoil from Nico Prins

“Topsoil is an original puzzle game where you grow plants and work your garden’s soil. Your goal is to harvest as many plants as you can before your garden fills up! Manage your garden by placing plants of the same type next to each other, then harvesting them together. The more plants you harvest at once, the more points you earn, and the more soil you turn over. If your garden fills up before your next chance to harvest, that’s game over. Keep growing and you’ll discover new seeds, tall trees, and friendly birds along the way!”

BOOST BALL from Scrire Games

“BOOST BALL is an action pool game. Pot Point Balls, dodge DOOM Balls, and pick-up Power-Ups. Play against the clock in Arcade and Trial mode across three difficulties over 18 levels that will test your dexterity.”

ONECUE from 111%

“111% New Billiard Game “ONECUE”!!!
It`s not a complicated billiard game!
It is just put one ball!!
Try to balls of seven colors in the hole.
You can put one ball in your one cue!!
What happens when you put all the rainbow colored balls?”

Cuby Link from Superbox

“A simple, addictive puzzle game everyone in the world can play Cuby Link. The goal of the game is to connect the same colors. To complete the Cuby Link puzzle, you must connect all of the colors. If the cuby of all colors completely connect, Cuby Link Puzzle is success.”

Tunnel Jet Racing (Beta) from funferret

“Fly Jet Racers around underground tunnel courses with full 3D graphics and steering control. Tilting your device gives precise and responsive steering. Weapons are available to hinder your opponents and make overtaking easier, opponents shoot back though.”

Void Light from TicTacGames

“Traverse The Void as the last remaining light in Void Light!
Navigate the endless dark and collect lost wisps of light along the way!”

Cool Shot! from BRICK EYE

“Smash the falling blocks in order.
Create an x999 combo to achieve the highest score.
If the smashing order is wrong, the combo is reset.”

Polygon Rains From Above! from Deer My Friend Ent.

“Tilt your device to dodge polygon rains! Player will move left and right.”

Don´t Get Stuck from CubeGames

“Control the player through the different levels and collect coins.
– Push obstacles out of your way!
– Share your highscore with your friends!
– Colorfull graphics in retro style!
– Unlock great new characters!
-And Don´t Get Stuck!”

Vectapulse from steakandkidney games

“An exciting new take on the rhythm game genre, combining elements of several classic music games into a new addictive mix. Hit the notes in time with the beat as they travel down the highway and hit the score area. Build combos and deploy power-up multipliers to beat your high-score and check the online leader-board to see how you measure up!”

Puzzle Hero from Gamexy

“You’re the last knight in the kingdom and you have to protect your land from ferocious monsters.
Get out of the castle alive, don’t let the slugs to kill you in a cave, don’t be lost in the forest and cross the swamp to save the world! “

Space Keeper from CheeseButter Studio

“Just Shake and Shoot! Build your ultimate deck with the blocks you get. Challenge your best score.”

Launch from Hauke Olf

“Launch this bratty rocket and get as high as (in)humanly possible. A game for simpletons like you. There’s just one catch: The silly thing seems to be tipping over quite easily. Just tap left or right screen half to even it out and there you go, no biggie. Like it rough ? Try out combat mode and fail even more while defending your rocket against the oh-so-cool machine thingies.”

Skydrop (Beta) from Spyrogon Studio

“Low on fuel, huh? Well, chucks. Take your stand & navigate through an armada of evil aliens… with only a drop of health. Take one hit, and KABOOM. First beta release. Performance low on tested device (Huawei HONOR 5X). Requires optimization for HDPI and LDPI devices alike.”

Fat Bunny (Beta) from Groovy Antoid

“Fat Bunny is hungry for carrots… and adventure! Help this brave bunny hop up hills, between valleys, and across waterfalls, in his quest to munch up as many carrots as possible, and go as far as his little feet can take him. Careful not to land on any slopes, as the little guy will take a nasty tumble!”

Frog Invasion from Karolis Andriunas

“Frog invasion has begun, world is under the danger. Most of the world is occupied by frogs and you need to take it back. Test your capabilities and survive frog attacks to retake the world! Don’t let frogs win! “

Battle of the Pucks from Lifemakers

“The goal is simple: propel your pucks so they ram your opponent’s pucks out of the board! And whenever you score — drive theirs off but don’t lose any of your own — you get to push again! It’s an addictive blend of air hockey, curling, shuffleboard, pool… and even checkers.”

Groove Cube from Brave Warrior

“Enjoy the Groove and Jump, Avoid all the obstacles, Collect Coins and Unlock New Cubes or Unlock the new Worlds. Its super fun and addictive.”

Pig Story from otgs17

“As it turned out, the piggies can jump and is not even bad. Perhaps in such a dangerous situation would have jumped, because your cubic world is destroyed, and you have only one goal, jump to a safe place where you can find other pigs , are you ready for such a dangerous adventure? If Yes, then welcome to the world of cubes, where the sea of adrenaline, the variety of unique tours and small puzzles.”

Darza’s Dominion from Photal, Inc.

“Enter the Dominion and fight for your life with hundreds of other players in this fast paced roguelike cooperative bullet-hell shooter! Take on the role of 4 different classes and together with your companions use their unique abilities to traverse and conquer the lands that were once left dormant and peaceful, that is until the power of an angry god scattered dangerous creatures across the beautiful landscapes in an attempt to clear you out! Don’t take this sitting down, or do! Play anywhere with your friends today and take back the dominion!”

Shakey’s Escape from Smashing Pixels

“Thrust into the outside world by your evil owner you are forced to survive in a dark and mysterious city. Fight to stay alive as you make your way on a journey to find a safe new home!”

Terrible Chef from Ugly Pixels

“Quick, Chef! Throw ingredients into the soup but make sure you are throwing in the right ones!
The more you use the higher the score but you need to do it fast or else you will run out of time!”

sVitcher from ArmanDoesStuff

“Tap the left of the screen to jump and the right to switch. Very straightforward.”

Head ‘n’ Trails from MS Developer003

“Head ‘n’ Trails : Finger dodge is an endless fast paced high score game with dynamic music and a minimalistic one touch gameplay that will surely test your finger reflexes. So, how fast can you react? Touch and hold the screen as long as you can. The trailing head will follow your finger. Don’t lyft your finger or hit black obstacles coming down your way.”

Chubby Cat & the Catcakes from Pinnatta

“Chubby Cat & the Catcakes is a casual free-to-play game where the player helps a portly but frisky feline with cattitude to her objects of desire: delicious clawesome catcakes! Help Chubby reach the anchor points of each colorful map, munching loads of delicious catcakes on the way! :3”

Impossible Neon Dash from Mint Arcade

“Impossible Neon Dash is insanely fast infinite runner for testing your speed, reaction and forward thinking. Unpredictable randomly generated levels and character customization gives you infinite replayability. Beautifully bright 3D game world helps you experience the game in the best way possible. This game can be your ultimate reflexes test.”

Alien VS Tank from JmaesMedia

“Alien VS Tank Shooter is brand new game of bubble shooter, more level, more addictive and more fun. Cute alien has come, they invading the earth. As a human we must defend our earth. There are so many kind of aliens. Cute Aliens have weakness, they will exploded when in a row, so shoot them as many can”

Planet Block Puzzle from Navy blue

“Enjoy our fun and simple flat design puzzle game.
Try our single mode and challenge your limits.
Complete quests with high scores and collect your own characters.”

Big Wheelie’s Bike Club from Set Snail

“The ridiculous bike riding competition! Bike and shoot your way through the crazy tracks at Big Wheelie’s. Collect cards upgrade and beat your friends.”

Coma Classroom from Purple Park Games

“This arcade style game is something anyone can enjoy. Bring your speed and your memory to keep your students awake for 4 periods of intense class time. You’ll quickly find that becoming the best “teacher” is an addictive experience!”

Aquatika Duel from Jeux FK

“Aquatika Duel, the table version of the board game. Rediscover the board game on you tablet. Same rules, same mood, same fights. Your objective : get one of you pawns on the other side of the boad. Use the special movements of the 3 pawn types at your advantage to surprise your opponent!”

Flick Champions from Nawia Games

“Take part in nine different sports and become the ultimate sporting hero. Play in one-off exhibition matches or take on a tournament challenge to get to the top. Got a friend that thinks they are a better player? Play one-on-one or in a 16 player tournament and find out who the most valuable player really is, all on the same device!”

Doona from Incago

“Doona Features:
– Take care of your life! If you die, it starts from the beginning.
– Collect items to make items
– Stages that change every play
– Different monsters and environments
– free!”

Quaser Two from kodsay

“You are on board the spaceship Quaser in this resource management game. You have to survive managing 5 different sections of the ship with limited resources until you reach your destination. Reach the planet Hydra 228 and uncover the mystery of the spaceship Demeter!”

ERMO (Alpha) from Nonostante

“ERMO offers tranquility and inner peace. Rearrange the tiles to get one color columns. Follow the signs and pass all the levels thanks to your skills. How many blocks can you gather? Immerse yourself in the landscapes and colors of ERMO. Let yourself be carried away by the dynamics of this fluid and captivating game. You will learn the rules in a few seconds, but ERMO will catch you for hours…”

Planet Destroyer vs. Apollyon from FlaFla Games

“Planet Destroyer: Protect Earth is an intense action – adventure brand new free to play game. In this game, you will play as the world’s hero Apollyon that battles vs the Planet Destroyer – God of Destruction – Erebus a galactic conqueror that loves to devour entire solar systems with his insane powers!”

Simon Said What? from Brian Green Media

“A simple Simon says game with a twist! Complete the mini Simon Says puzzle to receive a new color in the master sequence. But don’t forget that color. ‘Simon Said What?’ required extreme memory. You need to keep inputting all ‘Master Colors’ every time you receive a new one! However, unlike traditional Simon Says games, you will not be reminded of the pattern each time. Bank those lock colors in the front of your brain, there will be no reminders.”

Blob vs. The World from Trash Panda

“Infuriating, challenging, rage inducing and fun! Try to survive while Mother Nature tries to kill you! Blob needs your help to survive in a world where everything tries to kill it. Control the elements! Unlock different islands with new levels and dangers. Beat your friends and collect the all the stars!”

Cavern Tap from rikkir inc

“In Cavern Tap you have to use your Monster Slayer Fingers to crush the terrible monsters that come out of the caves before they go back to their friends and make fun of you!”

Jumping Joe! from Deep Silver

“It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna hop ‘n’ bolt)! Fly high in Jumping Joe, a vertical non-stop platformer so addictive that it will make you jump right outta the stratosphere!”

Know of any new indie Android games we should include in our next round-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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