Published on May 19th, 2017 | by Craig Forshey


Escape A Mad Scientist’s Lair In New Vertical Platformer Blobout

There are a lot of vertical platformers out there so i’m always a little bit skeptical by nature whenever encountering a new one however a really well designed new addition to the genre by the name of Blobout has managed to overcome my weariness with its mechanically solid gameplay and charming pixel art presentation. In this one-button endless runner from indie developer KIDE Entertainment it’s up to players to help a hapless young blob escape from the nightmarish lab it was created in by hopping their way up a vertical corridor filled with a gauntlet of perilous traps like lasers and buzzsaws that are definitely not slime-friendly.


While at first glance players might be tempted to bounce their way skywards as quickly as possible what with the rising pool of acid and all that would be foolhardy due to all the fast moving obstacles that block their path. Instead players will want to make carefully planned but decisive leaps like in Super Meat Boy that take into account the movement patterns of whatever traps it is that they’re dealing with. In addition to a randomly generated endless mode Blobout also has a daily challenge mode where players can earn bonus coins with which to unlock a large selection of different hats and character skins. Platforming aficionados will definitely want to give this great new vertical runner a whirl.

Blobout is free to download on Google Play.

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